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Sumit Kumar - Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Meta USA; UChicago Alum.

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My name is Sumit Kumar. I love learning new concepts and building things. I have more than 10 years of work experience in Software Development, Machine Learning/Deep Learning research. Currently I work as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Meta USA. And I work with research and development of Recommendation Systems built on Deep Learning concepts. In the past I have worked as a Senior MLE in Recommender Systems at TikTok USA, Research Scientist II in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Alexa AI, Amazon in Seattle, USA, and Lead Engineer for Samsung Research Labs, India.

[This introduction is from my uChicago faculty profile from Dec 2018]

Sumit joined the University of Chicago’s Graham School as a full-time, international student in the autumn 2017 cohort. He is currently a software development engineer 2 at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. He has seven years of experience in software engineering and research and has worked extensively with major programming languages including C, C++, JavaScript, Java, MATLAB, R, and Python.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in computer science, he started his career at Aricent Group as a software developer where he worked on different telecom projects, writing software for simulating radio network controllers that were used by Nokia-Siemens Networks. In 2012, Sumit joined Samsung R&D in Noida, India and developed the L3 software protocol stack used today in Samsung’s smartphone modems. He has worked on various telecom projects in Canada, Australia, South Korea, and India, where he developed features and algorithms compliant with 3GPP standard for WCDMA/LTE wireless communication. During this period, he also collaborated with various telecom vendors across the world and was instrumental in success of many critical projects.

In 2015, Sumit was promoted to lead engineer and started working in the advanced R&D division at Samsung. He mentored engineers in addition to his independent research work. Sumit developed various novel solutions and algorithms during his research at Samsung and is the inventor and co-author for seven algorithms filed for patents by Samsung. Apart from his research work, he also created tools to automate many manual processes at Samsung. He did an extensive amount of machine-learning based research in audio DSP domain to solve problems such as Blind Source Separation (Cocktail Party Problem) and Audio Directionality and Speaker Diarization. During this time, he also volunteered as a teacher in Samsung’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission to help under-funded schools.

During his time as a student at the Graham School, Sumit also worked as a research assistant at the Research Computing Center (RCC), UChicago. There he worked on web development projects, based on Django frameworks in Python, to help researchers from different universities connect with each other and share large volumes of data. He was the International Student Representative for the Master of Science in Analytics (MScA) program at Graham School to enhance international students’ experience and engagement and was also a member of the UChicago cricket team.

Sumit has also taught Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning certificate course at The University of Chicago and Python for Internet Programming certificate course at The University of Washington.

Source: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/news/new-pdc-instructors [Web Archive backup]

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