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Towards Empathetic Dialogue Systems

Recognizing feelings in the conversation partner and replying empathetically is a trivial skill for humans. But how can we infuse empathy into responses generated by a conversational dialogue agent or any of the text generation algorithm in Natural Language Processing? In this article, I will describe what empathy means through the lens of various academic disciplines and then do an in-depth review of the prior and current state-of-the-art NLU systems that can simulate empathy.

Effective LeetCode: Understanding the Sliding Window Pattern

Identifying patterns among questions is quite an effective strategy when you are grinding LeetCode in preparation for your upcoming software engineering interviews. In this article, you will develop intuitions about Sliding Window pattern. You will also get a template approach to write code to solve these problems. I will also walk you through some LeetCode questions to show how to apply the template and at the end, there will be some LeetCode exercises for you to practice what you learn.